This market is a community fundraiser of  Crossroads United Methodist Church

Food Trucks Here October 4th

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The Grilled Cheese Truck

I have been so excited to have this food truck join us.  As the name implies, they make great gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches- and not just cheddar!  You can choose from gruyere, double cream brie, habanero jack, etc.   They also offer signature items like the French Onion Soup Melt, and they even make dessert melts: Look for the S’more Melt and Mom’s Apple Pie Melt.  View their website and full menu 


Vegetables & Fruit

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Horny Toad Farms

Farmer Stella farms on 3 acres in Central Phoenix  Horny Toad Farms website

MojoTree Farm with the Pichuberry

The Pichuberry is a high-nutrient berry with a low glycemic index.

Pichuberry Website

Taste of Paradise

Farmers Jim & Susie Trout farm on 8 acres in Queen Creek and source other items.

TJ Farms

Farmers Tonia and Jesus farm in urban Phoenix.


Meat & Fish

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Adams Natural Meat

(formerly Arizona Buffalo Company) – Located in Buckeye, AZ, this ranch is dedicated to humanely and naturally raising Bison. Here every third Saturday of the month in the Fall & Winter.

Adams Natural Meat website 

Double Check Ranch

Paul and Sarah Schwennesen run this long-time family farm (Paul’s parents began marketing grassfed beef nearly 2 decades ago, long before grassfed was “in”). The ranch is located on the Lower San Pedro River Valley, 60 miles north of Tucson. Their cattle are raised humanely and treated respectfully. They live on open range, with no hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts in their diet. Learn more about the ranch – and their upcoming Pasture Dinner! Double Check Ranch website



Fish Huggers

Kenny brings Wild caught Alaskan Seafood and Grass Fed & Finished Beef to the market.  OFF FOR THE SUMMER – WILL RETURN NEXT FALL

Dairy, Cheese & Eggs

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Cami’s Farm

Joey Cruz raises happy, cage-free chickens on his 40-acre ranch in South Eastern Arizona.   When it comes to superior quality and freshness, our hens roam free and they eat what nature has to offer aside from their daily diet.  No hormones, pesticides, antibiotics. When you need eggs, count on Cami’s Farm. Support Local, Eat Local.

Superstition Farm Dairy

Casey & Allison Stechnij run this family-friendly dairy farm in Mesa, AZ.  At market look for milk, buttermilk, cream, varieties of cheese & butter, half &amp half, whipping cream, and ice cream.  Now offering frozen yogurt in honey or vanilla!

Superstition Farm Dairy website




Baked Goods

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Cake Pops by Sal

Sal makes Healthy Cake Pops.  NOT the boxed cake with canned frosting mixed in and then dipped in canned frosting recipe.  Gluten Free, Vegan and Gluten Free Vegan available. Our Cake pops are pure cake. We use blue agave (instead of white sugar), applesauce, Low fat buttermilk & or sour cream (instead of oil and butter). YOU CAN TASTE the DIFFERENCE. Ask us about a FREE Cake Pop for your kids on their birthday and a 15% off coupon. We take Custom orders. Cake Pops with LOGO’s available (great for corporate advertising).  Bulk discounts for Churches, Schools, Daycare’s and Non Profits. View photos of custom orders at my Website or on Facebook (LIKE our page while you are there). Don’t forget to bring your SWEET DEAL card (buy 12 get your 13th FREE). Don’t have one?? Just ask.

Now offering VEGAN Cake Pops!

Classico Italiano

Marcello brings Rustic Artisan breads, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, red wine vinegars, spices.

Now featuring Nobel Breads!

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Leslie offers a variety of breads, cinnamon rolls, and cookies straight from her bakery in Tempe.  Also brings a line of organic peanut, sunflower & almond butters. Great Harvest Bread Co. website

Jan’s Baked Goods

Jan brings fruit pies, variety of cakes and cookies, brownies, fresh fruit turnovers and more!  Every single item baked by Jan the night before market. Off for the Summer – Will return in September.

Mediterra Bakehouse

Nick’s bakehouse is in Coolidge, AZ where he adheres to centuries-old baking techniques.  Each loaf is baked on a stone hearth in a steam-injected oven. Mediterra Bakehouse website


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Linda Tastee Toffee

Linda makes these delightful snacks.  Great for gifts, and available in milk or dark chocolate. Linda Tastee Toffee website


Prepared Foods

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Albert’s Greek Delights

Albert will bring his long-time, Greek family recipes to market.  Look for Spanakopita, Beef Pita with Mediterranean spices, Baklava and more.

Sergio’s Catering

Chef Sergio Mendez has returned to the market featuring breakfast burritos-  Choose from simmered pork; chorizo and egg; or bean & cheese.

Squarz Pies

Steve Gerner creates unique,  sweet & savory bundled little turnovers; everything from Spinach & Feta, to Lentil Curry, to BBQ Pork. Squarz Pies website

The Tamale Store

This family-run store in Cave Creek, AZ offers a large variety of meat, vegetarian, vegan and dessert tamales.  Purchase hot or frozen. The Tamale Store website


At Home Staples

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Absolutely Delightful Honey

Raw honey, pollen, honey-based personal care products. Absolutely Delightful Honey website


Careless Coyote

Sandra Carey brings “A Taste of The Desert”!  Jellies, Salsas, Hot Sauce and more.

Costantino’s Kitchen

Christopher brings Pasta Sauce that has been in his family for 5 generations.  Also, look for spicy chile garlic-oils, dried soup mixes and rubs.

Costantino’s Kitchen website.

Dr. Hummus

Saber creates all flavors of hummus, dips and guacamole. Dr. Hummus website


Frantic Foods

Chef Roy brings his own spice and dip mixes, all made with freshly ground spices, herbs and chilies.  They are formulated without added salt and no additives, stabilizers or artificial ingredients.  They are all fantastic mixed with a 16 oz container of sour cream.  Plenty of options, and Chef loves to sample!  Find all his flavors at his website.

Herbescent and Organic Tea & Botanicals

Herbescent and Organic Tea & Botanicals considers the body, mind & spirit when creating our collections.  Formulated with attention and care for your needs by a long time mystical herbalist, nutritionist and holistic healer, Laureen Grenus, whom is fondly called the TEA LADY.  She has derived these special tea blends with expertise and vision to nourish, balance, relax, uplift and heal. Visit their website and Facebook page.


Nuna’s Flavors

Nuna’s unique salad dressings and sauces date back to 1976!  Look for her Original Vinaigrette, Instant marinade and Asian Sesame Sauce. Nuna’s Flavors

alternates weeks at the market.  Nuna’s Flavors website 

Reata Foods

Based in Scottsdale, Kenneth offers premium BBQ Sauces.

Salts of the Earth

Gourmet Salts.

Salts of the Earth website

Sauce It All

Chef Kali creates fabulous finishing sauces used on beef, chicken, pork and seafood.  Finishing sauces are new to the public and most people need to be educated on how they are used.  These sauces are produced right here in Glendale, AZ.  They are quick and easy to use, and add delicious flavor to any meal.  Choose from 3 flavors:  Marsala Sauce, Piccata Sauce and Burgundy Wine Sauce.

Flowers, Plants & Gardening

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Desert Cacti

Arpad brings an assortment of desert cacti at amazingly inexpensive prices.

Pot Luck

Need something beautiful and unique to hold a plant?  Carol Devin brings her lovely hand-painted terra cotta pots to market.

Vilardi Gardens

Vilardi Gardens produces the highest quality, locally produced, heirloom vegetable & herb transplants. We select in-season varieties most suitable for the Maricopa County climate to insure growing success for our customers.  Our network of experienced growers who represent us at each Farmers’ Market location have vast experience growing edibles in Arizona. There is never a wrong time to start or add to your garden. Let us help you!

Don’t forget to like them on FACEBOOK .


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Artisan Cutting and Serving Boards

Admir Tetaric brings his unique, hand-made cutting boards to market. Artisan Cutting and Serving Boards website

Don’s Cutting Edge

Don sharpens while you shop.  Bring your knives, gardening tools and barber shears! Now selling American Made, RADA Cutlery.

 Off for the Summer – Will return in September

Don’s Cutting Edge website

Pampered Chef

Thanks to Paula, all of your kitchen needs are now available at Central Farmers’ Market. Paula’s Facebook Page 

Pots From Clay

Wattanee creates decorative and functional wheel-thrown kitchen pottery. Pots From Clay website

Health and Wellness

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Eco Soap Works

Stop by and visit Francis, she creates handmade soaps, All Natural Deodorants, and Laundry Soap Berries  New, freshly cured soaps in stock.  Eco Soap Works website


Holistic Earth Remedies

Herbal Muscle Mist, massage oil, organic facial wash, shea butter and more. Holistic Earth Remedies website

Non-Food Vendors

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Aprons By Lee

Lee brings her hand-stitched kitchen aprons to market.

Food for Pets

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The Flying Bakery

Sharla creates delicious treats for dog, cat and bird.  Gluten free dog and cat treats in 3 flavors:  liver, peanut butter and cheese pizza.  3 flavors of jerky:  chicken, turkey and chicken/sweet potato.  Flats of marrow bones, wheat grass and beautiful bird seed wreaths available.  They ship all over the U.S.  Find their etsy shop online: